Thursday, April 14, 2011

Still In Lecco, #7

MOM! So first off, sorry I did not get a letter off yesterday to you because.... It was a little chaotic! The freaking website for LDS mail was down! I mean, What!! ha-ha , but its ok because now I get to write today so its all good. Ok so first I will tell you about my companion. His name is Anziano Aranda and he is a pretty cool kid. I mean when he teaches the spirit is so strong its insane. For example yesterday we contacted a referral and the girls name was Sarah. After we had taught this lesson about the restoration I was honestly 100 percent positive that this women is going to be baptized. The only way to explain it is the spirit was just punching everyone in the face. That is how strong it was! He was born in Peru but has lived in Rome since he was about 9 so he is pretty much a native. Like Anziano Anderson said, I really am picking up the language really well because of him. It is awesome! I mean its a given we don't have as much fun as me and Anziano Anderson had doing "Casa". Because man, me and Anziano Anderson would just bust up laughing for no reason it was truly hilarious! But I do like Anziano Aranda! He is a good kid. Its a given, its always going to be different when you receive a new companion because every missionary teaches differently but we are already getting used to each other! Its going good with us! Hmm ok so about one of our baptismal dates. The one with Roberto. Its stressful he works a lot!!! But he comes to church any time he does not have to work which is very good! He has a girlfriend who is a member and her name is Lucemilla. He attends our church because of her but he really lives in a nearby area called Muggio. This isnt our area so we are not allowed to go teach him! Luckily my boy Anziano Bushman is serving in Muggio and our Zone Leaders told us to tag team with them. So Anziano Bushman will teach Roberto as well. But the bad thing is Roberto dropped his baptismal date!!!! Not cool Man! But we have an appointment with him soon so hopefully we can get him back in the swing of things! He things he doesn't know enough about the church but, I know he has a rock solid testimony! We are going to quiz him with the baptism questions and see if he knows them so that way we will have proof that he is ready for another baptism date! Another brightside to Anziano Aranda is an amazing cook! Wow he cooks so amazing! Its Buono!!! Hmmm so what else I run every morning and do my push ups and sit ups as well! Tomorrow we have interviews with President Wolfgramm. Im looking forward to talking with him about what has gone on in the mission so far! He is awesome!! I love President Wolfgramm and Sorella Wolfgramm a lot!! Sorella Wolfgramm is the best missionary / president mama ever! She really looks after her missionaries but of course she is no where near close to you!! You are the best!!! So those are some stories that have been going on! Doing lots and lots of "Casa" and finding work but nothing yet! We will get something going here, I can just feel it coming! Another thing our members in our ward are seriously awesome!!! They are all studs!! Love them all! I gave my testimony again in sacrament meeting this last Sunday, It was awesome!! So how is everything going at home! How is dad doing with roping? How are the nephews and Nieces? I hope they are all doing well! Ashley L. wrote me actually and she told me when I come home for summer, I should go work up in Alaska for them! I thought hmmm.... that would be kind of Neeeto! But I have no idea what I want to do yet! Vedremmo!!! (We will see!) OK so about the foreign exchange student! I think it would be pretty dope if you received a foreign exchange student but.... I just wish I was there when you did!! But hey at least you would learn italian and such!! That would be pretty sweet!! Italians are awesome! But very stubborn!! ha-ha its takes some time to work with them. Not all of them but most of them! Ok so about Mothers Day! Dad wanted to know if I could just skype you guys at my internet place. I think its going to be ok! Next Wednesday I will confirm it, but just be expecting to get on skype at about 7 or 8 in the morning your time on Sunday! I will give you more details next week on p-day! So this work is tough right now but mom you don't need to worry about me!!! I mean come on I have the Lord on my side, like who else would I need or want more! Like on my football team for instance. NO one!! Like I know i'm so blessed its crazy!!! Its nuts to think that out of the group above me in the MTC, and my group in the MTC, and the group below me in The MTC .... NONE of them went to the Como Zone except for me! That is inane! Out of about 35 Missionaries I am the only one in the Como Zone and don't know anyone else!! Crazy!!!! And another thing Anziano Anderson told me... Its pretty sweet that President trusts you enough to already have a new companion!! I told him how can he even trust me.... he doesn't even know me! And he said, Presidents know because of his first impressions. So I guess that is pretty sweet!! Well nothing else to big going on here except tonight, we have a couple appointments! One with a Meno Attiva a less active, so we will see how it goes!!! Well mom I love you! Tanticimi and I know this work is true! TOUGH BUT TRUE!!! You are the best mom in the world!!!!! I hope you are doing well because as for all my family, I pray for you and dad individually every night as well!!! I hope all is well and I love you lots lots and lots!! Love Anziano Scheurn P.S. I sent pictures let me know if you received them! I LOVE YOU!!!


  1. Wonderful letter and yes he does have a fantastic mom! I love reading your son's letters and it gives me more insights into the Milan, Italia mission. Thanks for sharing your son. God bless you all!

  2. This letter makes me sad our cute boys are not together anymore. I can tell they will keep in close touch and always have a special place for one another in their lives. What a wonderful young man you have there!!