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#76 Milano The Lord Is In It!!!

Someone got a new suit!!!
 Models Anz Webb and "A Rod"! (Anziano  Rodriguez)

Me and Anz Webb haha with our Zara Suits! They are nice!! 
yeah yeah!!!!
Alrighty well I got to say I'm a little jealous that you and "Walk Dog" get to go to the Cardinals camp but, I'm stoked for you because you deserve it! AND you deserve the trip to Hawaii, I'm stoked for you!!! But anyway dad, come on now lets be honest here we both know who gets the next set of Suns tickets when I get home! I mean come on you, me, and a pair of Suns tickets! Pops I want to thank you for your awesomeness!!!! The Razor looks SO FUN!!! I want to drive it when I get home! haha! So are you guys going to come get me or whats going to go down!! You could try to invite some people with me on the street in Italian hahaha! That would be hilarious! I love you Pops so much and thank you for your example! I love you so much dad! Those storms look intense! You got to be careful out there! Make sure you clean that pool everyday because.... if you don't it just will add up! So you got to clean everyday okay? Okay good! hahaha!! I love you Pops!!!
Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn
Alright well it has been another great week in Milano Italia! Just tearing it up here in the big city! I just have to say it very quickly in this email.... my companion is a stud! So just a cool miracle and the reason why he is a stud!!! Okay so this is what happened! Last p-day we had finished p-day and it was time to start the next week of finding the elect! I will admit doing work on p-day is hard!! Just because your just tired but we push through ALWAYS! Because when it is tough that means that we are that much closer to the miracle fence as Pres says! Anyway in the planning we had that we hold nightly.... the night before p-day! We had planned to go to the park at 6:30 after p-day to do some finding work! We are learning in the mission to really set specific goals! So we planned to find a African man and talk to him about the Book of Mormon! We headed to the park called Porta Venezia! Sure enough we were walking for bout 10 min talking to everyone and we see a man sitting down reading a book and... he is African! The first thing that goes though my mind is he could be Muslim because a lot of Africans are Muslim! As we talked to him, we explained the Book of Mormon and the first words that came out of his mouth were "I'm ready"!!!!! He loved the Book of Mormon and set up another appointment with us! His name is Omir and he is from Sudan and they are Muslim there but, he doesn't believe in it at all! He said when he came to Rome he saw the church and loved it and believes that the Muslim religion is totally wrong! We left him chapter 11 in 3rd Nephi to read. We met with him last night and he read it!!! AND loved it! He told us how it talked about baptism and everything! Just dead on! We watched finding faith in Christ with him and he LOVED IT! Then... get ready for it... my boss comp Anziano Sexton invited him to be baptized and what did Omir say??? He said yes!! He has already came to church once and we set the baptismal date for the 13 of August!! OMIR is a boss!!! It truly is a testimony to me that the Lord does prepare his children! We just need to do something and get off our butts and work hard! Because HE has got to trust us first! Just pray for him!! So Rolando will not be baptized on his schedule date... bummer.. when we met with him last, I just felt like something was wrong.. he just seemed down and not like himself! We started the lesson and I felt prompted by the spirit to ask him whats up? The thing that is a bummer is that was his interview night, but anyway he just told us he is confused.. and doesn't know what to do. I said Rolando its okay, we know its difficult, but we told him it is all on the Book of Mormon. When he has that testimony in the Book of Mormon, the commandments won't even be a problem anymore.. so we said lets do it like this.. this Thursday we will meet with you again and we want you to read and pray specifically about the Book of Mormon and ask if it is true and he agreed. Please just pray he gets his answer.. I'm glad he told us. My goal here in the mission isn't just to baptize.. I want to baptize and KNOW that, that member will be faithful till the end. Just pray for him. Its crazy like I remember if this would have happened to me at the beginning of my mission, I would be so angry and upset, but being this old in the mission, it is all the will of the Lord! We all have our free agency, does it stink sometimes, yeah it does, and it makes me so sad to see someone not accept HIS plan, but thats why we need to use our agency well! We also found a lady named Diana!!! Just another miracle really quick. Okay well about 5 weeks ago me and Anziano Collins met a lady in the front of our church from Peru and her name is Diana. We got her number and we got a return appointment with her, but we passed by and she wasn't home and, tried to call but nothing. So we kind of forgot about her, I know thats terrible to say. Last Saturday I was looking through the area book.... and luckily.... I was caught up on area book. I have a huge testimony of the area book! Anyway I called her and I asked her if we could meet Sunday at 1:00 and she agreed. We were stoked she remembered who we were and remembered we gave her a card about the church. but that day, on Sunday was so crazy!!!!! AND the sisters put upon me a baptismal interview at the last second!! I couldn't say no because there baptismal date lived super far away so it would only make sense I do it right after church. So we were not able to see her and I tried calling but nothing.... so that night I called her again and she said don't worry about not coming. I asked her if we could meet the next day at one and she agreed! Thank goodness the Lord is merciful!! We were waiting at one and she did not show up at the church... and we waited...and waited...and waited some more.. but finally.... at 1:45!!!! She showed up!!!! We were so stoked!!! I was doing a scambio with "A Rod", and he speaks Spanish and it was perfect!!! Mom she is amazing!! She said she wants to find God in her life and she prayed for us!! It was the best lesson ever! The Lord was in it! We wanted to leave but the spirit just kept prompting us to stay and wait so we did and she showed! Diana accepted a soft baptismal invite and we will invite her with a date tomorrow! Please pray for her!! We found two more Philippine ladies as well who are awesome!!!!!!!! So the work is on fire! We just need to keep it up! Last week we got 6 new investigators which is so good!!! Just need to continue to grow our teaching pool! Thank you for the prayers so much they are helping a ton! Okay so you asked about the Sorelle in my district there is Sorella Sow from Alabama, Silva from Peru, Forbes from Utah, and Bishop from Idaho! They are cool! Sorella Sow is HILARIOUS!!!!!!! Freaking love her she cracks me up!! They are all cool! Man its tough being in a district of all sisters! Stressful but I know that I can do it! Just continue to pray! Luckily the sisters in my district are all just so great, so I don't need to do much! But I try to do all that I can! I was wondering when Emma was going to be baptized!!! I'm so excited for her! Bummer I will not be there but, I'm super excited for her! Give her my best wished and tell her I'm proud of her!! Send lots of pictures!! Muchos gracias! Mom did you get my letter about school? Another thing, I want to study Chinese mom! I'm pretty sure I would like to study this. To know Italian, Spanish and Chinese would be awesome! I don't know why but something is just telling me to learn Chinese!! It would be great! Who knows! So wait mom have you guys received a letter from the mission about what airport you guys want me to fly into? Just wondering because they usually send it about this time. Mom thats hilarious about the missionaries in AZ! Do they not have a car!? Man tell them to.... excuse me but, grow a pair, man we walk all the time.... haha we don't do anything else! But you need to be nice to them because they are the Lords missionaries haha and if your mean to them, then that means I'm done for, so.. just try to be patient with them haha! But when they aren't helping carrying groceries you tell them to...... help! Your a "baller" anyway so "non ti preocupare cara mia"! Anyway what else is going on! Man I'm not teaching Anziano Sexton anything....I am learning from Anz Sexton! He just a fireball and a stud and makes me laugh so hard!! Things are going great mom!! Have you and dad decided anything on what you all want to do as far as picking me up or not? Because I would kind of like to know soon and you guys would need to act pretty quick! I love you guys so much!!! I love the pictures and I can't believe I see you all so soon! Its absolutely crazy!!! I know I just need to give it my all!!!!..... because this is where it all counts!! I love you guys so much!!! I know this church is true! O and another thing you tell Dennis Ray that he carried me... on the trip!!!! I was just a cry baby and complained all the time and, he always cheered me up, especially the Starburst!!! Tell Bro Ray I love him and he is a boss!!! Even though I won't be a Priest, I can still play basketball for him because it is a privilege to have him as a coach!!! I love him so much!!!! I'm thankful he never gave up on me!! This church is true!! I pray for you all every day!! I feel your prayers! I'm thankful for the Book of Mormon and for Jesus Christ who suffered for our sins! HE lives and.... I know that!! I love you all so so so so so so much!!!! Just keep "truckin" as Walker would say!
Anziano Rhett Scheurn

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