Thursday, July 19, 2012

#75 Milano My New Son!!

 I am a Daddy!! My new son and trainee, Anziano Sexton, Anziano Smith and his new son and trainee Anziano Benson! 
Our Family!
 My baby boy with his first Gelato!

Cara Famiglia!
Alrighty well as you all know, I have received a new missionary and his name is Anziano Sexton! He is a boss! I will send pictures of us. Its quite funny because his MTC companion was Anz Benson who is Anz Smiths trainee, and me and Anz Smith were MTC comps haha! Crazy stuff! We got some pictures together which I will send you in this email! Anz Sexton is from Colorado, a little city. He is a little quiet but, already he has warmed up to my humor and now I got him joking a lot too, haha! Its so funny because I honestly want to be the best trainer I can be and its difficult. I'm constantly reading what President expects of trainers and reading the rules and how I can help him to become a better missionary. I got to tell you its a great opportunity to train, it really pushes you and helps you grow! There have been times when I kind of felt like loosing it but, every time I feel like this.... I just say a small prayer. Its for sure not Anz Sexton at all, don't take it like that, its me! I just sometimes get down on my self but hey thats Satan and I will never give in to him! I have realized that when you plan well the night before everything is just that much easier! So thats good! Anyway Anziano Sexton is funny, he is great with the language, my goodness, way better then I was when I came in to the mission! Its funny because he always asks me how are you so good at the language.... and I'm like don't worry, I was the same way! I asked the same thing, you will defiantly pick it up as you go! I said just make sure to keep setting accomplishable goals and... meet them! Everything will work out! I told him to more so, focus on the doctrine of Christ and everything else will come! But man Anziano Sexton is just an inviting foolI He will invite everyone on the street! He does a great job! He is really teaching me... I'm not teaching him!!! Anziano Sexton is great! He is always wanting to get better! I know that it will only get easier because he is a quick learner! So thats good! I got to tell you it was a little intimidating when we met with the trainees. Because we came in and then the trainees walked in, and I swear it reminded me of wrestling tournament because when I would get to a tournament....I would try to guess who I would wrestle..... and I was guessing who my trainee was haha! We are going to start seeing some great miracles, just wait..... I mean we already have!
So Anz Sexton will be having his first baptism the 29th of July! Rolando! He continues to amaze me, just doing a great job! He has come to church and obeying the word of wisdom and just being a baller! Nothing to new for him, but he is great! We were doing street contacting and we stopped lady who was looking at us funny. So I decided to stop her and talk to her. It turns out she knew the missionaries down south and she has had some problems in her life. All her family lives in America and she wants to leave Italy. Her documents are taking place right now! She is a little crazy but she is super cool and really wants to find God in her life! We invited her to baptism. She said yes so we will meet with her tonight and we will work to get a specific date for baptism for the 18 of August! So I'm stoked for that! Please just pray for her! As far as the other work! Well we have Rudy but we haven't heard form him in a while but, our member Tina has heard from him and she says he is doing good and comes back to Milano soon! Hopefully we will get him in the water soon! He is a stud!! We are just continuing to do all that we can "To Find The One" as the Zone Leaders call it. So every transfer we have a zone vision and our Zone Leaders are still Webb and "A Rod"!!! Just BOSSES, love them!!! We are focusing on finding the "one" everyday! We have had a challenge to find "one" new every day, or one new investigator! So thats our main focus. We have found one every day so far so just keep praying for us! It is a great zone vision! Other then that nothing else going on in the work! just continue in keeping up the prayers!
Man.... I'm so sorry to hear about Aunt Christi! That is sad! Please let her know that I will continue to pray for them and everything! They are a strong family and I know that the Lord is looking over them! We just need to go on in faith! We all have accidents but the true test is how we react to it. I have noticed that on my mission so much! That is what I'm trying to do, I want to act and not be acted upon! Please tell all the Perrymans, I love them and I'm praying for them! What else is going on! Mom Scott is awesome!! I love that kid! Just let him know I'm here for him always! Let me know, He is a great kid! So mom Lussy is AMAZING!!!!!!!! I love her. One of my favorite member. She is from Milano and she is great! We just laugh all the time! She went to the Temple and she was so stoked! She asked us to give her a spiritual thought before she left and we agreed. I love her! She is so much like you, you have no idea! She went to the Temple and brought me back a cool hand holding a "iron rod" pin. She is amazing!
Mom I love the stories you shared with me!! Honestly I love you so much mom! Your the best!!!  Mom and just be thinking about what you guys want to do if you all want to pick me up... I'm down honestly! I'm easy going! So yeah there you have it! Anyway I need to go but just know mom that, the Temple that is being built in Gilbert is B-e-a-utiful! I can't wait to go to it!!!!! With the fam!!!! I praying for all of you! I know this Church is true!!! I heart all you guys! I just can't believe how fast time is going! Keep up the prayers! Mom I love you so much.  
Love Your Son,  
Anziano Scheurn
O and mom, I wanted to tell you, So here is the thing, about the birthday money, the sales are right now in Italy and what I'm going to do is, buy a suit from thisstre called ovs..... they have nice suits. They might be a little pricey but not to pricey. like a boggi suit and I'm going to try on boggi suits today and just wait to buy that a little later! So I will get a nice ovs suit and nice boggi suit.

1. My Baby boy With his first Gelato
2. me Sexton benson andasmith
3. the fam
4. I'M A DADDY!!

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