Wednesday, July 11, 2012

#74 A Baby Boy from the MTC and Sisters!!!!

 Duomo Di Milano!

Luini is SO GOOD!!!
Sad to see Anziano Collins go!

Rolando sitting by Anziano Collins.
Recent converts Christian ans Sylvester.  What about this Phoenix Suns shirt!
Ok so a new convert names Eva and Daniel they are studs!
 Me using the satan spanker as we call it. its a cricket bat to clean the dust off the pillows haha!
G.E.M the new missionary. (Grow Every Missionary)

Alright well some crazy stuff has happened! As you all know it was our annual transfer cleaning in the apartment. We call it G.E.M day because, we G.E.M. the next missionary that comes in haha! It took a while but we were just chilling getting ready to go out and sure enough that silly phone rang! It was "P-Res" so my heart started to beat just a little bit! He went on to tell me that Anziano Collins will be transferred to Cunaio and I will be staying receiving a new companion fresh from the MTC, I will be training! So scared! But thats all good I will do my best just like our great leader Nephi says! "I know that the Lord does not give commandments save that he prepares a way for us to accomplish them"! So I will do my best! Its exciting! Anziano Smith will be training as well so thats pretty cool, I will see him! I'm just as surprised as you guys are haha! I will let you know how it all goes and take lots of pictures!  hmm what else is going on? My district is changing now as well. It will be me and my new comp and the Milano 2 Sorelle (sisters) and Milano 3 Sorelle...... just sisters... really?  I will serve and do what ever I am called to do! I guess President Wolfgramm wants to see how I do with this. This is what the zone leaders told me so yeah.... we will see, just pray for me please. That is whats going on with transfers.. pretty crazy stuff. It will be an experience!
Okay so with that the work!!! Well Rolando came to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah yeah yeah! He is on course for the 28 of July so stoked for that! Then Rudy we haven't heard from him because he is currently in Brescia. The Anziani of Brescia told us he is doing good and he returns soon so thats great!  Lincoln wrote me and was like hey bro if you train next transfer ask your trainee if he knows me and he will say yes, because apparently they were in the same building at the MTC. They know each other haha! So that will be fun! haha hmm but yeah we are just working our tails off! Just really looking for those new investigators and man its just insane how many less actives there are in this ward!!!!!! o my gosh I honestly feel like i'm working a full time job, which I actually am! Its great! I wouldn't have it any other way!! So thats about it for the work right now! Of course our new convert from Ghana is such a stud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He comes to church in a tie and white shirt every Sunday. He brought a friend named Joseph to church and we are teaching him and he is great!!! So those are our stars, lets say haha!  
Mom like not to say this in a wrong way or anything but I don't think you realize just how much stuff I have learned on my mission that I will take with me forever! I'm so thankful for it and its just going to be so great when I get home to use it all in action. I will do all that I can to help the missionaries and help the ward with whatever I need to do! But I got to tell you dad, better not think about calling me to do anything for a while for the ward haha! Just kidding! I'm super stoked to be in your guys ward!!! I know it will be great! I know I hear about the missionaries in the states haha they sound so spoiled, with there cars and taco bell. haha just kidding! I already told Joe I want him waiting with a Fileberto burrito when I get off that plane haha! I cant believe 5 months.... its just crazy! Time is going to fast! I need it to slow down! About school mom. Here is the deal I sent the letter with my signature. I trust you know better then I know what I need to take. I would maybe like to go to BYU this summer! So I want to keep that open and maybe have CGCC set me up for that but I just don't know. I will go on that website and check it out! So yeah I hope the family is doing well! I saw the pictures you guys sent me! Let me just say that Conner looks awesome!!!! He is going to be such a good missionary! Love that kid so much! AND also Breezy!! Man I haven't heard from Heath in a while.. what happened? What is he doing, I miss him so much.. but anyway thats good though, i'm happy for them! I hope they are doing good! I pray for my boy Heath every day!!! I love him tons!! How is walk dog doing!? So today for p-day we will go play some more football and soccer!!!! I love it!!! Its boss!!!
Anyway i'm going to go, honestly that is whats going on right now! Nothing to big! You will have to tell me the last name of Chelsey! That would be cool to know who she is! I will tell you mom trust me i'm super focused on my mission! I'm so nervous to come home! Its just scary.  I want to get my life on track as quickly as possible and thats what I want! I'm just nervous but i'm praying! I do know one thing for certain!!!! I will never ever leave this church!!!! My Heavenly Father will help me with everything!!!!! I know if I just continue to share my testimony and read the scriptures and pray every day.... I will be guided! I'm thankful for all the crap you have put up with me. haha I have been a fool! I will be better I promise. I have changed a ton mom! Things are great! I love my family! I love my Savior!!! Mom and BTW yes that is where we live here in Milano!!! We cant leave the windows open because we are on the first floor and Milano is kind of ghetto haha! BUT I LOVE IT!!!! Well I love you tons mom!! I'm thankful for all that you do for me, you and dad! Keep on trucking! Keep tearing it up in your calling like you and dad are already doing!!!

Love Anziano Scheurn


side note from mom, Rhett was an easy sweet boy to raise! Not sure where he got the fool thing, He might of been a little intense some times but... Rhett has always brought joy into our home! We are so thankful for him!! We miss him so much!!

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