Wednesday, July 4, 2012

#73 Milano At Work!!!!

Anziani Bushman, Scheurn, Wilky!

I love you! Happy 4th of July!!! you are boss! I thank you so so so much for everything you do for me! I know that my Heavenly Father gave me you as a dad because, I needed your help on this earth and.... I know that you are doing a super amazing job! Heavenly Father is so happy, because I am! LOVE YOU TONS
Love Anz Scheurn
Your Son For Eternity
Alrighty well another week has come and gone! Just crazy stuff! I can't believe that this transfer is already done! Honestly is just unheard of! The work is going good! Rudy went to Brescia for the next two weeks but he is doing so great! He told us HE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED!!! He is a boss and actually he is going to church there with the missionaries, so when he comes back things will be ready :) Great stuff! Rolando is a boss!!! Progressing amazingly! Thanks for those prayers keep it up! Yeah its going amazing! Obas has been in the hospital due to some stomach problems but he will be out in the next day or so. He is doing good just needs to get his buns to church! We are working on it! We will see how it goes. P****.. his situation is a little weird. Just still trying to understand him but he is cool, we will see him Saturday. As far as other things we will have a couple of appointments set up for this next days, in fact tonight we have the Anziani who are serving in Reggio to come to Emilia because one of the Anziani has a ear infection and he is getting it looked at here in milano.... so they will work with us. President has told me to arrange a mini scambio with them so that will be cool to work with them. I'm looking forward to it! We still are at a perfect 20 lessons for the last 5 weeks we are going all the way :) Its super awesome! The Lord is truly blessing us amazingly well, I can't even tell you! I just know when i'm doing my best and talking to everyone I see.... and being a forever finder..... on the metro, on the train, on the bus, the Lord WILL bless us! It is so cool and I know thats true because, I have just seen so many blessings from it! Thats whats going on here in Milano.... just working our tails off and seeing millions and millions of blessings! I feel like i'm literately at work! haha!! There are just so many people to contact and people to call and people to meet its wonderful!!! I just get pumped talking about it! Yesterday I had the opportunity to go on a scambio with Anziano Webb!!!!!!!! THEE FUNNIEST KID EVER!!!!!! O my gosh so funny!! I don't think I have had that good of a scambio ever on my mission. I learned so much from him and I just laughed my head off the whole scambio haha! Just super funny!!! He is a great missionary a great example! A stud!! It was fantastic!
So today it just so happens to be p-day on the wait.... whats that.. the umm... 4TH OF JULY!!!! You betcha!!! What we will be doing is going to Milano 1 and the whole zone, is going and..... we will be playing some american football and some good old calcio or soccer. We are going to bbq! I will get lots of pictures!!  umm what else just trying to think there really isn't that much going on here in milano 2! I haven't really had any crazy stories happen which is really crazy because Milano is the craziest city probably in the mission! I LOVE IT!!!
Okay mom so here is the deal. Like it does not matter what you guys do! I know it probably is a little frustrating because of the release date.... but its what the Lord wants not what we want!  I have learned so much on my mission mom! The priorities I need to do in my life!  I will write a handwritten letter today giving you permission to register me. I honestly cant remember my password and username.. I know i'm sorry. My bad! Anyway yeah mom you guys just plan it. Its just to hard for me to think about these things. .... but if you guys really would like to come and get me i'm cool with that to mom! I know everything you and dad do is because you love me but hey, its up to you guys.
I know this church is true!! I'm working my tail off and I will continue until the end!!! I love you all so much and i'm thankful that I chose to serve a mission because it is the best thing I have done in my entire life! Just seeing people change there life's for the good just brings so much peace to my heart!! I love my life!! I love my family!!!! I love these people in Italy!!! I love my mission!!!! I would not trade it for anything! I love President Wolfgramm and Sorella Wolfgramm the best president in the world and yes, I said that!!!! I heart you all so much and just keep trucking!! Don't get trunky on me!! Mom like I honestly would love for you to sign me up for classes. I just don't know what!! I'M SO CONFUSED on that but you know me and what I need to take for generals! I love you so much mom and I love my family so much!
Love Anziano Scheurn
Your Son Forever and Eternity

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