Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#57 Bolzano English Class and Brownies!!!

"BOOOO YAHHH!!! BRIZIZOWNIES!!!! and yes the answer to yoru question in they were delicious"!

Cara Famiglia!
So how is everyone doing at the Scheurn household! Man time is just going! Well I will start off with the work here in good old Bozen! Ok well we did get dropped by a really solid investigator... her name was Margot. I don't know if I told you about her but anyway she was super solid and she is from Peru. Anyway she said last Saturday that she was going to come to Bolzano for that Sunday because she lives about an hour and a half away. She ended up coming but she did not call us, I think that she just wanted to surprise us and just show up at church. Anyway that next Monday after Sunday we called her to see how she was doing. She sounded really down. So I asked her whats wrong? She was like I came to church yesterday but I came up and sure enough a kid in our branch met her at the door and just kind of was rude to her. He was like hey what are you doing here? She said that she just didn't feel welcomed, so she left. She said that it wasn't the first time that, that this has happened to her. She said that she would call us again when she comes back to Bolzano to give us the Book of Mormon back and all the other books we gave her of the church. Its a little tough but hey thats how it goes. You know sometimes everyone just needs to grow up. Like i'm a little frustrated with both of them. Because you know, the kid definitely should not of been acting like that, but at the same time she kind of needs to grow up because it was a kid. Man I don't know its just crazy. So that was a bummer but we will see her again. Just pray she changes her mind.. Hmmm but the day after we had a sweet miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay well what happened was me and Anziano Warren were heading out to so some street contacting and all of the sudden a man on a bike made a complete U turn to come back and talk to us. The first thing he said to us was I WANT TO STUDY WITH YOU GUYS! We were like wait what did you say? We explained who we are and no we were not J Dubs. He was like I know your not. but he continued to tell us how he was from Romania and he had gone to church a couple times in Romania! He really loved it! So we asked him if we could meet with him that day and he was like yeah!! So we met with him and he was just super interested! He said that he had been checking all of the churches for the right one! He said that he had prayed and he asked the Lord to put someone in his path with the truth that he was looking for! So he met with us. He said it was an answer to his prayers! So thats sweet! We invited him to baptism and he said when he knows and prays and reads the Book of Mormon, he responded like this "WHY NOT" so he is a boss and i'm not kidding you if he is not elect I don't know who is! Please keep him in your prayers his name is Jon but like this Yon! Thats how you pronounce it! HE IS A BOSS! But we are still trying to work with Washington. O and another investigator that was living in Trento her name is Zoya and she is from the Ukraine! Apparently she is just super elect and goes to church every Sunday so she is in our boundaries now so we are super pumped for that! The work is going! Just please keep up the prayers! I'm telling you they help a TON!!! We are still just trying to find the elect!
Okay well other then that! The weather is BEAUTIFUL NOW! O my goodness! The flowers and trees are actually starting to bloom again! Its sweet! Its crazy it just reminds me a year ago when I was in Lecco! I cant believe over a year ago I was in LECCO! Time is just going! The Branch is doing great here! Our new ward mission leader is awesome! I told you about him Adolfo Deponte! He is a boss! Really good at doing what he does! Put it to you that way haha! Every Tuesday night we teach an English class. Mom and I got to tell you it is by far one of the funniest things ever! They are so hysterical! haha they loves us, in fact last night I made everyone Brownies!! I'm a boss at cooking now! I will send the pictures of them! They were like O MY GOODNESS what is this! I was like ummmm brownies? hahaha it was hilarious! Good times! What else has gone on! Tomorrow we go to Verona for zone conference i'm stoked for that! I also get to see Smith and Neff! I LOVE THEM! PROBABLY THE BEST ZONE LEADERS EVER! They are truly great and really awesome missionaries! Still running every morning! hoping its paying off haha! So man everyone is getting serious now! Ashley, Faith, thats awesome!!!!! I'm so stoked for them! I hope everything works out for the best! My Italian is going great! Learning new words everyday well at least i'm trying! Italian is freaking awesome but I swear when I get home I really want to take spanish or CHINESE! yup I said it Chinese! I can say we are missionaries in chinese but I cant type it haha! but Lin taught me! He is doing great!! I love Lin! That is the one person I want to come stay with us for sure! Its funny he is like hey Scheurn me and you will go to China together! He is to great! Man Randy! He is hardcore! That man is such a boss! Like honestley he is sweet! I know even though he crashed my bet and money is still on Randy for pulling out with the BIG W! So I saw the pictures of Eric and dad and his garden! What a tool!!! haha kidding thats so sweet about the garden!  I gave a talk last Sunday in church about missionary work! We are trying to get this ward more active in missionary work which is awesome! I was very very nervous! But I did good! Adolfo came up to me after and grabbed my arm and just shook it and was like BRAVOOOOOOO BRAVOOOOO hahaha he is great!!!! It was fun! There is a less active that we are working with at the moment as well his name is Marco! He is from the south and moved here because of work, and he is awesome. Between you and me he has an untouchable unicorn as us missionaries would call it! His girlfriend is not a member and she is very very very pretty! We are trying to get them together and get married so she can be baptized!!!! It will happen I know it!
But anyway I have talked enough haha but i'm glad that my word sometimes can be of help mom! You know a testimony never hurts at all! I love bearing it and I just feel the power as I do it! Its great! The power of prayer is so important mom! Like before my mission I truly underestimated prayer! I love it and when I think about it! A prayer changed the world when Joseph Smith asked Heavenly Father which church was true and he got the answer he was looking for! I want to share my testimony that prayer WORKS! I love my Savior!" I will never be lead astray from his gospel! I'm thankful for my Savior and thankful for what he did for me, and everyone else! This is HIS church on the earth restored today! President Monson is a prophet of God!!!!
I love you mom so much! I love you all to death and i'm truly thankful for all of your guys support! I hope all is well! I pray for you all everyday! I thank my Heavenly Father everyday! Like Nephi , I too have been blessed with great parents!!! Thank you all for everything!!!
Love Anziano Rhett Scheurn

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