Thursday, March 8, 2012

#56 Bolzano "Pull, Twist and Shape"!!

Buon D Tutti!
Alrighty well I hate to say it but not much has happened since the last time I emailed you guys! Things have been pretty crazy here in Bozen! The weather just can't make up its mind! Some days its hot and the other days its cold! I just can't wait until summer that will be awesome to just be in the summer again! Not a huge fan of the winter. But i'm hanging in there. It has definitely been heating up so that is a big plus! Okay so there is a FUNNY AND HILARIOUS STORY I NEED TO TELL! Ok well about the branch! Bolzano is actually a pretty big branch! It could be a ward but just doesn't have enough priesthood holders to become one. Anyway the last week we got a new ward mission leader which was actually badly needed because, our other one was also the second counselor and we didn't really meet with him at all as bad as that is. He was just so stinkin busy but hey its good. The new one is named Adolfo Deponte and he is the old ward mission leaders dad! He is great! He is a little intense but he is awesome. He really does know what he is doing! Anyway the last week for gospel principles we needed to teach the lesson!! There was a lady who came from a city named Treviso because she was visiting and she is a ......  of a 85 year old man so he came a long with her and he is not a member! We were teaching in class about how God is our loving Heavenly Father! Let me just tell you he went off!!!! We had a really awesome investigator in church that day too! Luckily they were just laughing at this old man! In a short story he went off about how our church really is the only church that teaches the right things. He went into how scientists are even doing stuff now!! He said they are figuring out ways to send people through faxes and animals!! He was like you know what.... they did it already!!! They just don't want us to know about it!! We were like what the freak are you talking about! Then he went off  talking about his ....... that he has hired and how some have.......and I quote  and how they had.......... He was nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just the perfect definition of crazy!!!!!!! At the end he came up to us and was like you know what guys, I have seen UFOS and we were like bro!!! Your nuts hahaha just insane!!! So that is the funny story of the week haha! The funny thing a missionary in our group named Anziano Ellsworth who is serving in Treviso said the guy is just nuts!!!
We had a meeting yesterday in Milano that is why I did not email yesterday! MY BAD! It was an awesome meeting as always! President Wolfgramm is so awesome and when he talks everything is just so great! I can feel the spirit so strongly its insane! But as always I learned a lot of things! It was glorious! I got to see a lot of awesome missionaries! One in particular Anziano SQUARCIA!!! He is from Rome and he was in my first 3 districts! He is so awesome and so funny! Half of our group that was in the mtc was there and that was super awesome! I took a picture of us, our group is pretty much the best group ever! So don't worry about that!! haha! The work is still going! We are really truly trying to emphasize on getting 20 lessons a week because there was a promise by Boyd K Packer, and i'm sure I have told you this but, I will say it again. He promised that if we get 20 lessons in a week that our baptisms will double so we are really truly trying to emphasize on that!! Hmm what else thats about it! We are still teaching Washington. Trying to get him to get going but he works on Sundays so we will talk about that and emphasize church and how he needs to go! Other then that me and Warren are really truly working on getting new investigators! We need it and are talking with everyone!!! haha but it was funny two days ago we were talking to people on the street and I swear we saw 5 companionship's of Jehovah Witness!!!! Anyway it was good though! Warren is still a boss, just great! We are just working our tails off trying to do what we can! I'm glad the pictures got to you! I was hoping they would! Pamela is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly she is so great!!! I love her and her family! You need to get in touch with her you would love her mom! She is amazing she is 30 but she is a boss and has helped me out so much and all the missionaries! So awesome! She has a HUGE testimony!  She is amazing! But I have met up with Sister Trexlars sister here. She is great!!!!!!! We have another appointment with them this Friday they are awesome and super nice!! About the branch here! Our branch leader speaks a little bit of English but not a ton! He is super awesome, I love him! There are some crazy people as always haha but hey thats how it is everywhere you go! One thing I have learned  on my mission is that you NEED to get the respect of the members, and that is the first thing you need to do as soon as you enter into the city. Then everything just goes a lot more smooth as long as the members see how hard you work and that your doing all you can.... then they will truly help you!
JAMAICA!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats intense and so great! Scott is going to love the people and everyone! The mission is so great and anywhere that he would of gone would have been awesome! The Lord definitely put him there for a reason and thats sweet! I wrote Scott as well and I will be emailing the letter to you for Scott, today! So please give that to him! Conner!!!!!! thats so sweet! I'm so stoked for him! I'm calling Milan Italy for Connor!!!!! Man I cant believe that Vaughn has been out for almost 6 months now! Its just crazy and Nick comes home in like 3 months!!!!!! Just insane how fast time is going!! I love my friends so much! I'm so glad they are serving missions!!!!!!! All of them are just super studs!! You know I wrote Lincoln back and I emailed the letter to him so he should get that soon but you know, all these friends of mine going on a mission really makes me think about my first transfer and something President Wolfgramm said that I will never forget as long as I live! He said, you know on your mission your Heavenly Father wants you to become something great. Something that you would of never even thought you would even dream of becoming.. What he is going to do is pull, twist and shape you into something amazing! And it hurts... all these trials and hard times on my mission that i'm having or have had I would not trade for anything!!! I know that its my Heavenly Father, making me something amazing! Not just for the mission but after as well, and that is the beauty of it! You know if I were to come home from my mission with just one conversion, myself.... then it is a mission accomplished!
I'm so happy for this church mom! The blessings of the temple.... I will go once a week at least! because I know there I will receive the revelation I need, for my life! I'm thankful for the atoning sacrifice of my Savior and I love him so much!! I am always in his debt. One of my favorite scriptures has got to be Alma 7: 11-13! I'm really applying the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life and I need to tell you its wonderful! If everyone would just do it... then life would be so much better! I hate hearing people complain about there life's and how hard it is!! They can't even comprehend! The Savior and his earthly ministry and what he did for all mankind! This church is true! This church was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith! I love you so so so so much mom!! I am so thankful for your support and prayers, I know that they are helping so please keep it up! I love you and dad so much for everything that you all have done for me and as well as all the family! Thanks for everything!!!
Love Anziano  ScheurnClose

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