Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Travel Plans!

The Rome Temple that is being built! It will have a church along side of it with a visitor center and a family history library as well! It will be set on a side of a hill surrounded by olive trees!
Milano, Italia!
"Cari Amici e Parenti", Dear family and Friends,
We have now received our travel plans and our departure date!
We will leave February 22 at 10:00 am from Salt Lake. From there we will fly to Denver with a one hour lay over there, so I will probably not have the time to call you from Denver. From Denver we will fly for somewhere between 11 and 12 hours to Frankfurt, Germany and we will have a four hour lay over there! I will try and call from Germany! From Germany we fly into Milano (Milano) and arrive somewhere around 6:55pm! So it will be a long trip but I can't wait to get to all of those Italians that are waiting for me! I am a little nervous about the language but I know if I do all I am asked to do I have no worries!
So we did receive a short letter from Anziano Scheurn via email explaining his travel plans! He sounded FANTASTIC in the email and so excited to get to Milano, I don't think he realizes that when he gets to Milano that he still will have to travel to where he will serve and it could take hours from Milano!
It is funny Rhett HATES to fly yet he has not once mentioned that in any of his letters since he left for the MTC! He was even nervous to fly to Salt Lake, Utah.... So I kept thinking how is going to fly around the world! It is awesome to see the hand of Heavenly Father at work in Rhett! I have never heard Rhett so content and happy! Rhett has loved the MTC and has loved his "Compangni" companions that he has served with at the MTC!
But now it sounds like he has prepared in all ways he can and he is ready to get to work!
We are so happy for him! This is a new journey for Tom and I seeing that we have never had a foriegn missionary so this is new for us as well! (Take a DEEP breathe Tamy you will be fine!)
Aniano Scheurn... Noi vi amiamo cosi tanto e siamo cosi orgoglois di te e cosi felice per voi! Ci mancheral tanto! La tua famiglia ti ama! We love you so much and we are so proud of you and so happy for you! We will miss you so much! Your family loves you!
P.S. We told Rhett we would try to learn some Italian since he had to learn Italian!

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